Welcome to OSS4MDE 2016

October 3, 2016

Workshop co-located with MODELS'16, Saint-Malo, France


Model Driven Engineering (MDE) intends to bring more elegance and simplicity to software development. Unfortunately, it often fails to do so. While far from being the only problem, tooling frequently is to blame:


  1. Making a convincing case for MDE in the classroom, for instance, can be challenging because available tools are either incomplete, out-of-date, or so complex that extensive training is required; also, the fragmentation and volatility of the tooling landscape is a disincentive for the development of comprehensive, high-quality teaching material for MDE.
  2. In industry, adoption and practice of MDE is lagging behind partially due to tooling which, e.g., does not match the needs of developers, introduces additional accidental complexity, or is not supported by an effectively organized user community.
  3. Finally, proprietary tools complicate the interaction between academia and industry, because they make it difficult for academic researchers to get exposure to industrial development scenarios and to transfer research results (in the form of tool prototypes) into industry.

We see open source tooling as the (and perhaps the only) way out of this situation, because it allows for joint, collaborative efforts to, e.g., create, improve, customize the necessary tooling and teaching material. However, existing open source efforts will only be successful if they are supported by a sufficiently large community of academic and industrial users and contributors. The ultimate purpose of the OSS4MDE workshop series is to encourage the creation of these supporting communities.

Just like the previous versions of the workshop, OSS4MDE’16 workshop will bring together researchers, educators and industry representatives interested in modeling and MDE with open source tools. However, compared to previous incarnations, OSS4MDE'16 will be less formal and more interactive, and place more emphasis on promoting open source by inspiring and encouraging potential users and contributors, and supporting existing users and contributors.

Concretely, OSS4MDE’16 will allow participants to share information about:


  • available open source MDE software and supporting resources and artifacts such as mailing lists, model repositories, teaching material,
  • issues (technical, social, etc.) inhibiting the use of open source software,
  • ongoing and planned development activities of novel or improved open source MDE software and supporting resource and artifacts,
  • ongoing and planned promotion and outreach activities such as workshops, tutorials, and competitions. A distinct goal of the workshop is the identification of concrete, joint activities to be carried out after the workshop.